Welcome Back & Build ZION

I have taken a long break from things and I am excited to be back. I hope to share weekly messages with you of things that I am studying, thinking about or feel impressed to share with you. 


With taking a long break, I have worked on a few things. Myself, My family, Homestead plan and unfortunately, my doubts in myself. 


Myself:  I felt at peace to do the inner work of myself and my family. I got better with taking care of myself and improved my relationships with my family.  Trying to be a better neighbor and friend as well. Relying on God in the specifics in my life and taking time to go to the temple often.


Family: Being a mother of 3 kids and taking care of a home is one of the most important things I could do. Honing in on this role and falling in love with it all over again has been a miracle and blessing. It is a ton of work, as many of you would know, but I feel like my Savior cares and helps me, especially when I feel depleted.


Homestead: I am excited but It has been a stretching experience for my husband and I. We have been planning it for years and I am very grateful to finally make it happen this coming spring when it is done.  It has come with obstacles, trials, and doubts from people who don’t agree with me but I keep pushing forward. Grateful for a husband who is willing to do this, even though it is not his dream. It is hard for us moms to make our own dreams come true, when we mainly focus on everyone else’s. 


My doubts: I felt like I lost my connection with my voice and less confidence to share what I am feeling. Of course that is a lie from the adversary…. “What good do you have to say?” Then, of course, my past regrets of my coaching business and what I have learned after closing things up. I felt that many people share and teach a lot better! They are focused and collected. Less cringey than me. My style of sharing is more conversational and I share a lot of stories from my life. 


I finally realized and accepted that I just need to be ME. And that God wants me to share my light in whatever way that looks like for me. 


ZION: So after speaking about many of those personal things, I wanted to share my thoughts about ZION and how we can build it around us. 


I felt very impressed that this is my vision for life. Build Zion by creating love, connection and relationships…thus we will be able to better usher in our Saviors second coming. 


It is scary to surrender daily to the Lord and tell Him, “Thy will be done” with my time and efforts. But I know there is no better path to take than to live to serve and love others. This world is starved of goodness and maybe I can shed a little light in my little corner of the universe.  


If you have made it this far in the email, thank you for listening. I hope that this Youtube/Podcast (whichever way you choose to listen) helps give you perspective and inspiration. I don’t teach anything new really…it is just all about our motivation to finally do these things we already know. 


Sending love and feel free to reach out.


Laura Cragun

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