The Ultimate Guide to Start Homesteading – Part 2

Here is Part 2 of The Ultimate Guide on How to Start Homesteading!

As a side note, this guide is to help you figure out:

  • What you would even WANT if you have a desire to homestead someday. Sometimes we don’t even know what options are available. (#thenotebook – As Ryan Gosling would say, “What do you want?!” It is so important to decide what you even want)
  • What to look for when you are SEARCHING for a Homestead property or about to buy one!
  • Thus, I don’t share a ton of information about the ACTUAL homesteading logistics, like what plants in your garden grow best together, how to start a beehive, how to rotationally graze your cattle, etc…

The main topics I cover in this video are (Continuing from part 1):

  • Irrigation. What it entails and what to search for. (Ex: Difference between water rights and water shares)
  • A Miscellaneous Category on your due diligence as a buyer. Other things that many people don’t consider, but should! (Ex: HOA’s even in homestead neighborhoods, Easements, Location considerations, etc…)
  • Deciding on the HOUSE! Pros and Cons of a Custom Build, Manufactured Home and Anything that is more unconventional like: Barndominiums, Shed Houses, Build-it-Yourself Kits, etc…
  • LASTLY, and the much anticipated discussion of BUDGETING. HOW MUCH will all this cost! I will be giving you a breakdown of it all – Septic Tank, Permit fees, the Manufactured House itself, etc…But keep in mind, I will be sharing ballpark numbers $$

It has been a treat to share this all with you and I hope it helps at least ONE PERSON who is following it! Good luck on your journey, wherever you are!



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