Reject Diet Culture 5-Day Challenge

“Reject Diet Culture 5-Day Challenge” is totally free and you can text the word FREEDOM to the number 801-515-3609 to be a part! Starts on Monday, January 17th, 2022.

Also, It will be on my Instagram page and Facebook page! So go and follow me there too! 

Instagram: @lauracragun

Facebook: @lauracraguncoaching 

There are 5 days and each day I will focus on one “W” question of rejecting Diet culture.

Day 1 – What is Diet Culture?

Day 2 – Who is Diet Culture?

Day 3 – Where is Diet Culture?

Day 4 – Why should we reject Diet Culture?

Day 5 – How do we Reject Diet Culture? 

And if you are listening to this podcast after the fact, you can still text that number to be a part of my messaging list and receive occasional inspiration, encouragement, and promotions! 

So come be a part of my texting party! 🎊 

Text FREEDOM to 801-515-3609. 

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