How the Latter-Day Faith & Intuitive Eating Work Together

“How does my Latter-Day Faith & Intuitive Eating Work together?”

When people ask me this question,

I say, “They work together beautifully!“

I will share 3 reasons why. Listen in to learn more!


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Intuitive Eating Breakthrough Session

You may feel overwhelmed about where to even start with your health or are stuck in some pretty deep habits. As a follower of Christ, you want to have the energy to serve others more but you feel held back by your current mindset of diet culture and mental health.

But as a fellow woman in this faith that truly understands the inner turmoil and a certified health and life coach, I can safely say there is hope. There is a way to break free, and with my free Intuitive Eating Breakthrough Session, I can help. With our Master Healer, the Intuitive Eating principles, and eternal gospel doctrine, there is a way.

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