Habits, Fulfillment & Self-Identity | Interview with Monica Packer

The BIGGEST takeaways that I had on this Podcast Interview with Monica Packer @aboutprogress ,was the concept of PERMISSION.

She believes that the BEST thing for women to work on right now is to give ourselves PERMISSION to prioritize ourselves. 

I have always been drawn to her depth of character and have been following her for years!  

Listen to this podcast episode to learn more! Link in Bio! ⭐️


Here is Monica’s Bio:

Monica Packer is passionate about teaching practical-but-deep transformation. As a podcaster and coach, she guides women to find sustainable growth by adopting progress over perfection. Monica is a former middle school teacher, a forever Oprah fangirl, a perpetual cookie dough maker, and an ambitious walker (last one is a joke . . . sort of). 

You can find more about Monica at aboutprogress.com and by listening to her podcast, About Progress. 

➡️ She is holding a FREE class, September 14th called, “The #1 Reason Why Women MUST Do Habits Differently.” 

Sign up here  aboutprogress.com/habitclass

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