Gentle Nutrition (Principle #10)

gentle nutrition

Today is the LAST principle of Intuitive Eating – #10 Honoring your Health with Gentle Nutrition!

I have had many clients express that they feel like Intuitive Eating can’t be “healthy” because if they are left to their own devices and eat whatever they want, they will eat the whole box of oreos or the whole bag of cheetos.

They felt like they were abandoning all their knowledge of the past that they learned.

Yes, that would be a waste. That is not what Intuitive Eating promotes.

We want long lasting health and longevity.

We want to make choices that help us feel good.

For sake of time, I will not go over all those guidelines of what good nutrition is.

But as a summary, it includes water intake, subjective portion sizes and helping you understand which food will make you feel better than others, and many other wonderful things.

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