Contention is a Choice. Peacemaking is a Choice.

contention is a choice

I went back and forth between deciding if I should share this particular, difficult story about how I avoided more contention online. Couldn’t I just share these principles in a vague way and it would still help teach you? No, The Spirit said. I prayed to know If I should share the story and the answer was, “Share the principles AND the story”. Sometimes, we learn better as we hear how it actually happened, with real life people. 

Recently, I was confronted with some online backlash and it was getting worse. The other person was hurt and I was too. I had to ask myself, How am I to handle this heated situation?

The words of President Nelson came to my mind CLEARLY. “Contention drives away the Spirit—every time. Contention reinforces the false notion that confrontation is the way to resolve differences; but it never is. Contention is a choice. Peacemaking is a choice. You have your agency to choose contention or reconciliation. I urge you to choose to be a peacemaker, now and always.”

My situation ended sadly but it worked out for the better. I hope that you guys will learn from this story and see yourself in it. What contentious situations are you dealing with right now that you can improve on? Remember to CHOOSE peacemaking, as Christ would. It is in your hands.

Hope this finds you well,

Laura Cragun

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