Spiritually Minded Women Podcast Interview

There is hope.  #mentalhealthawarenessmonth  I was honored to be on the Spiritually Minded Women Podcast.  Through my journey of depression, suicide ideation, eating disorders and going to through a month-long treatment center, I have found ONE thing to be true: CHRIST is the ONLY thing that will fill that hole in heart. In the past, I would fill it with …

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Respect Your Body

The 8th Principle of Intuitive Eating is Respect Your Body. One way to do that is to Accept your Genetic Blueprint. It is futile and uncomfortable to try for years and years to think you should be something different. You are born with your unique DNA that will not deviate so it is time to …

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hunger fullness scale

Honor Your Hunger

Today’s Podcast is an interesting topic and it is surprisingly spiritual contrary to what the title suggests. So expect some great info for your physical health in the Intuitive Eating realm as we dive into the 2nd principle. We will be going over 3 main areas of interest when it comes to your Hunger. Here …

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