Be Mindful of Entertainment

being mindful of entertainment

This week I am talking about how to be mindful of your entertainment. What we put into us GREATLY affects us! It can either compliment the Spirit or offend the Spirit.

However, I have fallen into the trap lately of not watching much entertainment at all! It felt safer that way. It is hard to find and I have been burned by it before as I try to be open and find things. The junk creeps in!  But be busy and productive with projects, kids, etc…


As you can imagine, this has not worked in the longer term. I am not a robot haha. I need to have GOOD content in my brain. Living stories that inspire, motivate and encourage me. The Protagonist feels reliable and grows through hard challenges and I feel SO good after I hear stories like that through great shows, movies, books, etc…

I have felt strange as an adult not being able to watch, participate or be a part of mainstream media entertainment over the past several years as I have started to be really picky about what I bring in. I would have negative internal dialogue “Why are you so sensitive?” “Come on…You’re an adult. It will be fine.” 

It feels isolating. I may have not been able to be a part of the conversations of what people are watching/reading etc… So what do I have to give?


Yes! It is so important to find good and beautiful sources of entertainment. It is not just about taking away the good. It is also about adding in the good. 

I have a few stories I share about it (you know me! I share stories!) And most importantly, I Invite you to carefully consider what you are entertaining yourself with, take out the evil and replace it with good. 


Being Mindful of our Entertainment is one reason how we will become a Zion people that is ready for Christ to come soon. We will have the Spirit more in our life, have more gusto for everyday ways to serve and share good entertainment with those we know and love too that can bless their life too.

Hope you accept my invitation to BE MORE MINDFUL of your Entertainment too. Have a great week!



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