About Laura Cragun

How Coaching & Christ Changed My Life

I grew up as a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints. I have always had a testimony of Christ and have always been interested in Self-Discovery. In 2020, I was a mother of 3 young kids and going through the hardest trenches of my life. I had severe depression, anxiety, and suicidal idealization. My husband worked at the firehouse for long shifts and a second job, my parents recently divorced, and frankly, I didn’t know who I was anymore. Life constantly felt like I was running through a muddy field. It is possible but it was SO HARD to do. Fighting tooth and nail to get through every day. Is life really supposed to be this way?

As many women do, I also had A LOT of inner work to do with my relationship with my myself, others and even my body. I suffered from eating disorders: body dysmorphia, orthorexia, and binge eating. I felt so unhappy, unfulfilled, and out of control. I wanted so badly to have energy and freedom of mind about my health so I could serve my family and others better. I also wanted to become my higher self, whatever that meant.

And then it happened. I hit rock bottom. It started with an exhausting family trip (little kids are so hard to travel with) and ended with going to a treatment center for suicidal idealization. This whole crisis lasted for 18 months. It was not uncommon to find me on the floor in my bathroom or closet, crying and gripping for any hope. I didn’t want to live. I hated my body and myself and the way I looked. I lacked energy and the jolting ups and downs of my chemically unbalanced mind were unbearable.

There were many dark days and gloom of hopelessness was always over me as I tried many different medications, therapists, and redundant self-care routines. I would try different diets and self-help ideas, thinking to myself, “This is the answer!” I decided to go to a treatment facility and get more help. A VERY difficult decision to do when you have young kids. I learned so much there and was able to readjust to my new anti-depressant medications. But NOTHING was TRULY healing me.

Until I found Christ again, Mental Health tools, and the life-saving principles that coaching gave me. As I went to my coaching sessions, I began to see that this is all a part of God’s plan. I CAN pull myself out of this by validating myself and choosing to love myself. But not alone. Christ was that missing piece. His Atonement bridged that gap when my efforts were not enough. It was a dance that I had to relearn every day. A balance of these new nourishing methods that I learned in coaching and believing that Christ will strengthen me in the weakness of my mind. It took consistent WORK.

But I have finally found that beautiful light and hope. I am genuinely happy again and can see all the splendor that life can bring. The Spirit is in my life. I talk with my Heavenly Father about who I am and praise him for this gift of being uniquely me. I can look outward and see others and give more of myself to them. I want to be among the people who are preparing for the day of the Lord. Now, it is an HONOR to coach other women who are on this same journey so that they can have a fulfilling, happy life and meet Christ someday.

If you’re ready to experience the amazing transformation as I did, and as many of my clients did, I’d like to invite you one of my complimentary Self-Discovery Calls, where together we’ll get clear about your mental health, learn about key coaching tools and what is standing in the way of finding true connection yourself, God & others.

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