7 Tips to Eat Intuitively this Holiday Season

intuitive eating christmas

Being at War with Yourself and Your Food = Unnecessary Stress during the Holidays.

Do these situations sound familiar?? …Right Now during the Thick of the Holiday Season?

🎄 There are a ton of gifted treat plates

🎄 You are making Mom’s Roll Recipe 

🎄 There is a AMAZING family dinner coming up

🎄 People want you to try their food but you are full

🎄Your friends are talking about what detox/cleanse to do in 2 weeks

You can start Intuitive Eating now… even through this BUSY TIME of year.

Listen to the Episode Below to learn more!

P.S. My favorite tip in this podcast is “Letting Yourself Have Your Cultural Foods”! So important for happy memories with your family and keeping traditions alive! 🎊

Intuitive Eating Breakthrough Session

You may feel overwhelmed about where to even start with your health or are stuck in some pretty deep habits. As a follower of Christ, you want to have the energy to serve others more but you feel held back by your current mindset of diet culture and mental health.

But as a fellow woman in this faith that truly understands the inner turmoil and a certified health and life coach, I can safely say there is hope. There is a way to break free, and with my free Intuitive Eating Breakthrough Session, I can help. With our Master Healer, the Intuitive Eating principles, and eternal gospel doctrine, there is a way.

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