Your Health is a Spiritual Matter

Discover Intuitive Eating, Mental Health & Christ

Your Health is a Spiritual Matter

Discover Intuitive Eating, Mental Health & Christ

There is a way to finally have higher health than you ever had before...

Can You Relate With These Struggles?

Because I am Sure You Feel Overwhelmed Too

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My Life Fell Apart...

But Coaching and Christ Saved Me

I was a mother of 3 young kids and going through the hardest trenches of my life. I had clinical depression, anxiety, and suicidal idealization. My husband worked at the firehouse for long shifts and a second job, my parents recently divorced, and frankly, I didn’t know who I was anymore.

I also suffered from eating disorders: body dysmorphia, orthorexia, and binge eating. I felt so unhappy, unfulfilled, and out of control. I wanted so badly to have energy and freedom of mind about my health so I could serve my family and others better. I also wanted to become my higher self in order to prepare for the Second Coming.

There were many dark days and the gloom of hopelessness was always over me as I tried many different medications, therapists, and redundant self-care routines. But NOTHING was working. Until I found Christ again, Intuitive Eating, and the life-saving tools that coaching gave me.

As I went to my coaching sessions, I began to see that this is all a part of God’s plan. I CAN pull myself out of this by listening to my body and my heart. But not alone.

Christ was that missing piece. His Atonement bridged that gap when my efforts were not enough. It was a dance that I had to relearn every day. A balance of these new nourishing methods that I learned in coaching and believing that Christ will strengthen me in the weakness of my mind. It took consistent WORK. But I have finally found that beautiful light and hope. Now, it is an HONOR to coach other women who are on this same journey so that they can have a fulfilling, healthy life and meet Christ someday.

Intuitive Eating & Mental Health for Christian Women

12-Week Program to Prepare for the Second Coming of Christ

There is not enough time and you don’t know where to start but you still have a DEEP desire to be healthy and accomplish God’s plan that is specific to you. As overwhelming as it feels and as hopeless as the future may seem (especially during these times), there is a way to finally have higher health than you ever had before.

That is why I am so passionate about Intuitive Eating, my Mental Health techniques, and accessing Christ. When you know what these steps are, and have an expert coach to guide you in using them (plus, God on your team!), you’ll finally have the energy and endurance to have joy AND build God’s kingdom. To learn more about my program or to apply for a spot now, click the button below.

3 Steps to Start Intuitive Eating

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Create a Clear Vision

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Achieve Your Purpose

Finally enjoy your new-found health and purposed-filled life.

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