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Hey there, I am Laura Cragun

I Know Exactly How You Feel...

Just like you, I was taught by Diet Culture to aspire to beauty ideals and to “control” my body. For Years, I dieted and exercised hard core to find peace in myself, but instead, found that I was at WAR with myself.

I had hit what is called, “Diet Rock Bottom.”

I had an Epiphany. Dieting was NEVER going to fill that hole in my heart to feeling ENOUGH. There had to be a better way. Through much trial and error, God Guided me to find the answer.

I finally found Intuitive Eating. Through my journey of depression, suicide ideation, eating disorders and going to a month-long treatment program, I need to OVERHAUL my relationship with food and myself.

Through much hard work & determination (and many dark days), I found HEALING. I feel FREE to be myself, no matter what size I am, what food I eat, or whatever society tries to expect of me.

Latter-Day Intuitive Eating:
12-Week Program

Coaching Sessions, Unlimited Support & Access to The Course!

If you are looking for even more support to learn Intuitive Eating with one-on-one coaching, my signature program is the right fit for you. In just 12-Weeks Coaching With Me, I teach you how to finally Ditch Diets, Find Body Acceptance and Discover FOOD FREEDOM. 

This is my Signature Process that will help you find Peace & Freedom…and it has been for many women that I have coached. You will find yourself Intuitively Confident in 90 Days. That is the goal and I will help get you there.

3 Steps to Start Intuitive Eating

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Achieve Your Purpose

Finally enjoy your new-found health and purposed-filled life.

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